Saturday, November 16, 2013

Card of the Day - 2011 Finest : Jerry Sands Green Variant Autograph ( 5 / 199 )

After a few hits on the Dee list for the "rainbow" set I was able to obtain another card for the Jerry Sands "rainbow" set in the form of this green variant.

As with the other lower serial numbered cards in the set this green one and its print run of only 199 was hard to track down even though it only holds a $12 book value. Haven't seen many up for grabs online and then one day a seller had this one for sale at $5 with shipping at $2. $7 seemed fair to me but I had to wait it out as this was of the traditional auction variety. As the auction winded down there were still no bids on the card and with a few seconds left I put in my bid and won it at the original asking price. Card was delivered to my doorstep in great condition at just $7. Money-wise it wasn't a great value but the true value is that I was able to acquire another card on my hit list and for that I am happy with this transaction.

5 of only 199

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