Sunday, November 24, 2013

Card of the Day - 2008 SP : Matt Kemp By The Letter " P " Autograph ( 36 / 99 )

It's Matt Kemp autograph time once again and this one I actually owned at one time prior to this year's reentry into the hobby.

A couple years ago I wanted to find some other project centered around  Kemp as I already had signed balls, signed bats, signed bobbleheads et al. I found out that these cards existed and went out to collect them. At the time I had acquired K, M and P and was still on the look out for E until I decided I just didn't want to finish it. Don't remember why that is but I ended up selling them on eBay back at the beginning of the 2011 season during his MVP caliber year. Well now that I am back in the hobby and autographs are the main focus in my collecting I am looking back at these and hope to acquire the full master set this time and this is the first letter to make it back home. Like Sesame Street, today's letter is P.

Even though there is a print run of over 1300 for these cards that is for the whole phrase " Matt Kemp Los Angeles Dodgers ". That is a lot of letters. Most of the cards have a print run of 99 which is small enough already but some are as low as 25. This is one project that will probably take a few years to complete. Most of the options on eBay are of the buy it now variety with high asking prices so I have steered away from those but this one came up on a traditional auction so I was all over it. As the auction was ending it was still hovering around $15 but I had a feeling that it would jump and I was right. With a few seconds left I put a higher bid than I normally would to give me some room and thankfully I did as my bid pushed it to $22 and change. And with that I won the card and welcomed back the letter " P " to my collection and am now on the long hunt for all the other cards. Any help from other collectors would be appreciated if you happen to have spares. Until then this is a good start.

P is for kemP or mvP for the 2011 season which he should have won.
36 of 99.

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