Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day - Player Appearance Recap : Paul Goldschmidt ( ROMLB 2013 All Star w/All Star inscription )

The wife and I headed out this past weekend to Arizona for a little R and R and to visit some friends. I had known for months that Paul would be doing a signing on this particular weekend but I was not sure until a few weeks ago if we were for sure going so I didn't keep my hopes up on meeting Goldy. Once it was confirmed we were going I made a few transactions on eBay to help fund the purchase of the autograph of Paul. The promoter was charging $59 per autograph. A bit pricey in my eyes but made cheaper by some sales so it made it easier to swallow.

Headed out to Paradise Valley mall where the promoter ( ) was holding the show and even though it was off season there was a fair amount of fans in line. Would say around 150-200. Patrick Corbin was also appearing but the majority who I spoke to were there for Paul just like I was. There were a few Yankee fans along with some Cubs fans but all the rest were Diamondback fans except for the lone Dodger fan ( well at least the only one to wear a Dodger cap ), me. Got some flack from a few fans but for the most part all of it was in good fun.

Paul arrived on time and started signing promptly. The line moved real slow and once I was in the shop I realized why and that was because he interacted with each fan and took pictures with anyone that wanted one. I had heard he was a nice guy and this proved it and I was glad I was about to add him to my collection. Got up to the table and he glanced up and noticed the Dodger blue and had a slight smirk on his face. Told him thanks for killing my team this year and he said you guys had a good year as well. I handed him the 2013 All Star ball and had him sign under the logo and also had him add an All Star inscription. Another minute or so and I was on my way but before that I asked him if he would mind a picture with a Dodger fan and he said by all means. Paul was a class act and I wish him well expect when he plays the boys in blue. Thank you again Paul for the autograph.

Paul signing the ball

Paul and I. Nice fuzzy picture Mr. Photographer

Autograph with All Star inscription. Came out great.


  1. Pretty cool. The auto looks great.

    1. Ty. In person with no time limit it looks good. Check out others that ppl get at stadium and it looks rushed and messy.