Saturday, November 9, 2013

Card of the Day - 2012 Topps Five Star : Andre Ethier Autograph ( 9 / 25 )

An autograph card that I was not looking for nor needed but it looks so damn pretty on its thick cardboard self I just had to get it if I could.

This card only has a print run of 25 so with that low of a number there is no official book value assigned to the card. With that said I just had to go with what I was willing to pay for and the seller had this with a starting asking price of $15. Other Ethier cards from this set with a print run of 50 are priced at $25. So if I could have this card for $15 then I would try to acquire it but if it went for a penny more I was not going to get into a bidding war for it. No action on the auction with a minute left and thought I might actually win this limited edition card and with 10 seconds left I put my bid in for exactly $15 and won it for that amount. Again, no book value for this card but I think that the beauty and scarcity of this card is worth the $15 I dished out for it. Another autographed card of Captain Clutch has been added to my collection.

9 of only 25 in the world.

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