Thursday, November 7, 2013

Movie Review : About Time

Rachel McAdams seems to be the de facto leader in time travelling, tear jerking, love stories. She is back at it again here as she plays wife Mary to husband Tim ( Domhnall Gleeson ) who after his 21st birthday is informed from his father ( Bill Nighly ) that the males in their family can travel back in time. Obviously Tim figures his dad for a loon until he tries to prove him wrong and travels back and relives an awkward moment from the previous New Year's Eve party.  

Tim moves to London to pursue his career as a lawyer and meets Mary one night at a restaurant. They make plans to further the courtship but Tim tries to help out his playwright flat mate Harry ( Tom Hollander ) and travels back in time to do so but by doing that he wipes out his meeting with Mary. One problem fixed but another one created. Tim figures a way to meet up with her again but with this now being a different "timeline" he has to win her over again. With his foot in the door again he relives certain times until he feels that he gets it right with Mary.

They end up married and living happily until a tragedy hits and while trying to figure a way around it Tim is informed from his father that there are certain things that can and can not be done with the time travelling ability they both have. While Tim helps his sister Kit Kat ( Lydia Wilson ) with her own  issues Tim learns he must make a decision on what to do with the past, present and future with him only being able to do one of the three. His heart is torn and drawn in separate directions and knowing that whatever decision he makes it will close a door forever. The final lesson Tim learns from his father is that all the time travelling in the world can't change certain outcomes and you should live each day to the fullest with no regrets.

VERDICT : Rachel with her pretty smile can still light up a room. Domhnall plays the perfect "geek" that makes good and gets the pretty girl. The real glue to the story though in my opinion is the one between Tim and his father. Bill plays it with a twinkle in his eye and is fun to watch just as he does  in all of the director's other films that Bill has appeared in most notably Love Actually. The love story is genuine and sweet between Mary and Tim. The supporting cast does their job with Harry being the standout as the grumpy old playwright. The crass humor out of him is great. While the love story is played out well by Rachel and Domhnall it doesn't break new ground. Not an all time great movie but an enjoyable one that you won't get bored watching either. A THUMBS UP from me.

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