Saturday, November 23, 2013

Card of the Day - 2007 Bowman Chrome : Chris Withrow Autograph Blue Refractor Variant ( 7 / 150 )

Chris became a very important part of the bullpen this year and I am still trying to lock up the four different versions ( base, refractor, xfractor and blue ) of autographs from the Bowman Chrome set. I already got my hands on the xfractor version and now I was able to secure the blue version at way below book but I think book is too high even with its perceived rarity.

Book has this great looking card at $30 which to me is high for a relief pitcher but with only 150 in existence there would only be so many chances I could get this card. Most of the sales have closed in the $10 range so that was basically my limit unless I could couple it with some other cards from the same seller. No go on that front as this seller only had this one card I was interested in and he had the starting bid at $5. No action on the auction up until the end when someone put a bid in with about 10 minutes left. Hoping his limit wasn't too high and when I put my bid in it only raised the total to $5.50 which I won it at. So for a little over $7 delivered I picked up another hit on my list for well under book. It is numbered 7 out of 150 and with 7 being one of my 2 lucky numbers maybe I was meant to own this card. Love the blue border.

7 of 150.

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