Saturday, November 2, 2013

Card of the Day - 2005 Upper Deck : Brad Penny Artifacts Autograph ( 455 / 599 )

A new day and I was back on eBay looking for some deals. I had a few bucks and decided to trade them for a penny, a Brad Penny to be exact.

Brad is another ex-Dodger that I didn't have an on card autograph in my collection and browsing through eBay found out that for the most part it left me wanting. There just wasn't many Penny autographs out there let alone of him in Dodger blue. I did find this one that was adequate enough. Not a fan of the gold borders/accents but it was the only decent looking one of Brad and the seller only wanted $3 for the card so I couldn't pass on a deal and went ahead and purchased it. Not a bad swap of a few dollars for a Penny.

Nice crisp signature. 455 of 599

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