Sunday, November 10, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman Platinum : Matt Kemp Cutting Edge Relic Insert ( 1 / 50 )

Back to the sparkly platinum set and I found myself another great Matt Kemp card.

A few of the Dodgers are including in this years insert set but only one has a relic card and that is Matt Kemp. I haven't seen many copies of this card on eBay and don't expect too many of them to pop up as there are only 50 numbered of each card. A seller had one of those copies on eBay for sale with a starting bid of $10. I wanted the card but was not get into a bidding war on this one. Towards the end of the auction there was one bid in so I knew it would cost me at least $10.50 to win this card and that is exactly what I had to pay as I put my bid in with a few seconds left and that raised the winning price to $10.50. It may or may not be worth that much but I am happy that I was able to add this to my collection. Great looking die cut design.

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