Thursday, November 28, 2013

Card of the Day - 2008 SP : Matt Kemp By The Letter " L " ( 13 / 50 ) Autograph

Another day, another letter.

With the letter "S" in my rear view mirror now and not that I ever stopped, but I could focus on some other letters and once again it was a banner day on eBay for these Matt Kemp cards.

Assuming now that I knew what the other bidder had put as their limit I bid on the remaining letters at a lower price. It paid off as I won this card at the exact same price which meant I probably could lock in the other two at that same price but still had to play it safe. Until then I acquired my first "L" for the project. I still need one more but with a print run of 50 it makes it a little more manageable than the "S's".

13 / 50

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