Friday, November 8, 2013

Card of the Day - *** FINAL UPDATE *** 2013 Bowman Inception : Yasiel Puig Silver Signings Autograph ( 25 / 25 ) BGS 9.5

The journey is finally over. A great and satisfying one at that.

Step one seen HERE
Step two seen HERE
Step three seen HERE
Step four seen HERE
Step five seen HERE

1 of freaking 1 in the world.

All of that leads to this. My initial "$10" purchase has turned into this BGS graded 9.5 gem mint encased silver signings card of Yasiel Puig. As of today this is the ONLY graded card of the silver signings version of Yasiel. So at least for one day I can say I have a one of one in the world. With a print run of only 25 that means there is only so many chances to be had to have a gem mint grade for this card. That's if all the redemptions are found and turned in and then possibly grading out at gem mint. I have only seen two other redeemed silver signings Puig card on eBay so I know they do exist.

Finally encased.

Great photo coupled with a nice silver signature.

Again, other than the Bowman Chrome blue variant I think this is the best looking autograph card of Puig out there. Love the silver ink with the different photo from the base set. The card speaks for itself but I am happy that I still have a decent eye to see that the first card would probably grade out well for me to start this journey and happy that I was lucky enough to get this card in the mail undamaged so it could grade out as well to gem mint.

Mmm . . . Minty

10 out of 10.
= )

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