Monday, November 11, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Pedro Guerrero ( ROMLB Techinically Sweet Spot )

My favorite player back in the 1990's was this man, Pedro, and now that I am older I have been able to look behind the curtain of this man. Pedro had/has some issues. While on the field for the most part was an above average player that had glimpses of super stardom but his ego and work ethic stopped him from reaching higher goals. He helped the Dodgers win the World Series in 1981 but in the midst of their magical 1988 run to the crown he was traded as enough was enough in the eyes of the team. He went on to play for the Cardinals for a few more years and retired in 1993 as no team offered him a contract.

Post baseball career brought more problems for Pedro as he was arrested for trying to buy cocaine. He continuously tried to get back into baseball on some level. Instructor, coach etc. but there were no takers. He was recently a manager in a league but was relieved of the job due to new ownership. Maybe someday a major league team will take a flyer on Pedro and he can get back and get on the straight and narrow.

2011 Frank and Sons held a World Series reunion of the 1981 team and though I had most of the team or no interest in the ones I didn't, Pedro was scheduled to appear and up to that time I have never seen him out here in California to do a signing. I jumped at the opportunity to finally get an IP autograph of my favorite player during my childhood. Arrived at Frank and Sons early as I did want a couple of other autographs and with Pedro's scheduled time later in the day I thought that would help me get in front of the line. Pedro ended up being almost 45 minutes late ( the only player that was more than 5 minutes late ) and once he sat down he looked aloof. People were excited to see Pedro but it seemed, to me at least, that the feeling wasn't overly mutual. Got up to the table and said hello with no response back. Asked him for the sweet spot and he sort of sweet spot/side paneled his signature. Said thank you to be polite but still no response. Maybe it was a bad day for him but the more and more I read about his baseball history I think it is his personality. It is what it is. I am happy that I was able to add his autograph but wish there was better placement on the ball.

Nice "sweet spot" huh?

Eyes a little bloodshot there buddy...


  1. Mr. Guerrero looks like he may have done a line or two the night before or that morning. Nice pickup, even with the offset sig. At least you have a story about it!

    1. He hasn't stopped since 1981 obviously.
      = )