Thursday, November 21, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman Platinum : Matt Magill Gold Variant Autograph ( 32 / 50 )

I have gone as far as I think I can go with Magill's autograph cards in this year's Platinum set as I have now acquired the gold variant of his autograph. There is one more that has a lower print run which would be the red variant but I have not seen one on eBay for sale as of yet and when it does show up it might be just too much for my taste to acquire. So for now I have completed my rainbow collection of Matt Magill in this year's set.

With a print run of just 50 there have not been many of these gold cards up for grabs on eBay and I missed out on a few of the auctions. After losing out on the latest auction this was at the time the last one up for sale on eBay but it was a buy it now auction. Though the seller had a best offer option as well. Having done business with him in the past might have helped me with my "low ball" offer but he accepted the bid of $6 and within the week the card arrived. So I now have the Base, Green, Blue and Gold versions of his card with the Red one left which I may or may not ever acquire. Now if Matt can contribute in the big leagues that would be great.

Gold and 35 of only 50.

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