Saturday, November 30, 2013

Card of the Day - 2008 SP : Matt Kemp By The Letter " N " ( 23 / 99 ) Autograph

To finish out the purchase day I picked up the one letter where I only needed one and has one of the higher print runs.

The letter "N" has a print run of 99 but only one is needed to complete the phrase. For example though the letter "S" has a print run of only 25 but you need 3 to complete the phrase. Very frustrating for a completest to finish the project as there are only so many times you will be able to purchase any given letter. Again, thankfully I have all the "S's" I need but this project its only going to get harder as I pick up more of the letters.

Having acquired 3 letters earlier in the day I wanted to finish it off with this last one and figured out the amount would be the same and I wasn't disappointed as I did pick it up at that same price. With the addition of this one I have now acquired 7 letters for the phrase but with it containing 25 letters I am a long way to finishing it anytime soon. But you do have to start somewhere and I have a good head start. If anyone has spare letters that could help I would love to hear from you on a possible trade/purchase.

23 / 99

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