Friday, November 1, 2013

Being Thankful

The calendar page has turned from October to November. One month closer to the end of the year. Thanksgiving is marked for the fourth Thursday of the month every year and while that is always a good thing I think we all need to be thankful all year around for what we have and not be resentful for what we don't have. I can and have fallen into that mentality at times in my life.

While this year has been trying for me at times I try to remember all the good that is has brought me and what I do have. I have the ability and capacity to write and blog this very entry which some people are not able to. I have my health, a good paying job and people I believe care about me. I have a lot going for me and have to look at my haves and not my have nots.

I'm sorry if this comes off as a tad preachy to some people but I just felt that I needed to start off this new month with a little positive energy. So whether you agree with me or not just remember if are reading this your life is not all that bad as you don't need to take your time to read blogs but you choose to as your life situation gives you that opportunity. God Bless to all and have a great month.

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