Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Card of the Day - 2008 Sweet Spot : Matt Kemp Silver Ink Glove Autograph ( 200 / 245 )

This card has instantly became one of my favorite autographed cards of Matt when I won the auction.

First it is from the Sweet Spot brand which I have always loved, second it is the black glove variety which is rarer and thirdly accompanied with the black glove is the great offset of a silver autograph. Silver autographs are unique and great by themselves but coupled with it being on a black background just makes them pop and look better. I have won rarer cards of Kemp that went for more on eBay but most of those are of the "sticker" autographs while this one is an on "card" one.

I expected to be in a slight bidding war on this one and I was ready for it. Book value has these at $80 which is pricey and even though I wasn't going to spend anywhere near that price I was giving myself a little more leeway as I sold a few items to compensate for the expected price of the card. I watched this card for a week and saw the bids escalating the price until it was my turn to enter the fray and with 5 seconds left I put my bid in and with just 1 second left someone else bidded on it as well but thankfully I put my bid high enough as I didn't lose out.

With 245 in the world surprisingly there haven't been many on eBay to purchase from. At the present moment there are none for sale and this one was the only one that closed in the last month or so. In the end I won the card for a nice small amount of just $26. That is after 15 bids too. So for just a tad over 25% of book I won this great looking card of Kemp and couldn't be happier.

200 of 245.