Thursday, November 14, 2013

Card of the Day - 2011 Finest : Dee Gordon Autograph Mosiac Die Cut Refractor ( 10 / 10 )

Back to my "rainbow" set of the 2011 Finest Dee Gordon and I got my hands on one of the hardest ones to obtain.

Green, Orange, Gold etc are relatively easy to acquire due to Dee not doing well in the big leagues and there are multiple copies of the card to chase after so the market is full enough of them to pick and chose from. But this card is a very hard on to get your hands on due to only 10 numbered copies of them in existence.

The one main thing I like about this variant is that the card is different than the others in the "rainbow" as they are just color differences while this one is die cut. With only 10 in the world I personally have seen only one other on eBay for sale the past 7 months and Beckett doesn't have a price on it due to its scarcity. Even though Dee is not as popular as other Dodgers I knew people would still be trying to acquire this card to complete their own sets. I assumed it would be a dog fight to acquire this one and I wasn't wrong. Though prices didn't jump too much on the auction in the end it still ended up with 16 bids and thankfully the last one I put in won me the card. Card came in and looks flawless.

10 of 10

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