Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Card of the Day - 2010 Topps Tribute : Manny Ramirez Triple Relic Autograph ( 69 / 75 )

It looks like Manny Ramirez has reached the end of the road of his long career as he was released by the Rangers this year and couldn't handle the Asia league and I can't think of another team that needs him as he is basically just a DH at this point in his life. Oh but back in 2008 he brought electricity to Los Angeles when he was traded here in late July.

Since Manny was only on our team a couple years there are just not that many autograph cards that show him in Dodger blue and the ones that do are usually at a very high price. I didn't know if I would ever get my hands on one of Manny as I was not going to overspend just to have a card of him depicted in blue.

Refreshing eBay one day and this card came up and was only live on eBay for a total of 4 minutes so it looked like I was the first viewer. The seller had it strictly at a buy it now for a little under one Jackson. Back in the day that would have been a major bargain but with the card only booking at a little over $30 I debated if I should buy it just to have it or wait it out and see if something else came up. It is also has a sticker autograph which has become more undesirable in my collection but in the end I decided to pull the trigger and pick it up at the seller's price. Not a great bargain but I finally have an autographed card of Manny in Dodger blue and that is all I wanted and needed.


  1. Nice card! I hope to get a hold of a Manny auto eventually too.

    1. Good luck. My problem is I only want autos in Dodger uniform. So 1 or 2 yr players have minimal choices

    2. Same here. Manny will be pretty elusive.