Sunday, November 17, 2013

Card of the Day - 2012-13 Panini Anthology : Jonathan Quick Elite Inscriptions Autograph

Went back to our neighbor up north and finally picked up the heart and soul of the 2011-12 Stanley Cup Champions, one Jonathan Quick.

No matter what country the cards have been originating from I have had the worst luck on acquiring an autograph card of our goaltender. I literally have been outbid on at least 20 auctions as even though I knew he would be the priciest I was determined not to go over a certain threshold I had set for myself. There were a few lower priced cards but they were adorned mostly in gold which I did not like the look of.

Saw yet another one of these Panini cards and it was revealed that there was a print of at least 26 but no more than 99. Though not numbered individually that still made them hard to find and acquire. The seller had this card with a starting bid of $10 and I hoped that it wouldn't go into the 30 dollar range like others have. Decent amount of action on the auction as it ended with 15 bids. My ceiling for the card was in the mid 20's and I put my bid in with less than a minute left and hoped for the best as I couldn't watch it at that moment. The auction ended and later in the evening even though there was a bid at the last minute my high bid held and I won the card for a tad under $23 delivered. Finally obtained the hard to get Quick and it is a great looking card. Couldn't be happier and cant wait for the team to return to the finals in 2014. Go Kings Go!!!

Less than 99 in the world.

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