Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Movie Review : Thor

Thor ( Chris Hemsworth ) is back in the second entry of the franchise. Thor has been away from Midgard ( Earth ) since the New York Alien invasion ( Avengers film ) fighting on various worlds to have peace on all of the realms under Asgard's rule. Jane ( Natalie Portman ) is on Earth still pining away after Thor and is London researching some odder than normal energy readings. Loki ( Tom Hiddleston ) is locked in Asgard jail for the remainder of his existence for his actions during the Alien invasion.

Jane finds the source of the energy and while investigating it she is infected by it. Thor comes back to Earth to find her as she has fallen off the Asgard gird so to speak. They are reunited and find out that the energy known as Aether was trapped away from a long ago thought dead race known as the Dark Elves. Odin's ( Anthony Hopkins ) father had fought them and defeated them many eons ago. With Aether back in the picture the leader of the Elves, Malekith ( Christopher Eccleston ) is awaken from a deep sleep and is back in pursuit of the energy. Once every 5000 years when all 9 realms are aligned the Aether can cast all into a state of darkness. Asgard is attacked and with it's back against the wall Thor reluctantly releases Loki to assist him and his group against the Dark Elves. While the plan is to relieve Jane of the energy and destroy it the brothers are only able to do the former not the latter. Malekith steps in and takes control of the Aether.

The battle is fought on different worlds till it makes itself to Earth, London to be exact as that is the spot where Malekith intends to unleash the darkness since the alignment is centered there. Thor with the help and scientific knowledge of Jane and her colleagues are able to defeat Malekith.

VERDICT : The first half of the film drags in a lot of spots. While I understand that there needed to be setup there just doesn't seem to be that charm that other Marvel movies have shown. In the second half with Loki on the screen the movie gets a boost in fun. Chris does better as Thor in this film but unlike Iron Man, Thor doesn't seem to be able to hold a franchise by himself. I liked Thor in the Avengers film more. Thor for me falls into the Hulk category. Great character but better as a supporting one rather than a featured one. If not for the second half and this film being part of the  bigger Marvel vision I would say you could pass on it. If you are a Thor fan and if you are a Marvel fan you probably should and will see this but if not I think you will be bored. For me its a take it or leave it verdict. Not a thumbs up or down. Do though stay post movie for 2 bonus scenes with the first being important for the Marvel film universe. Other than Loki, I found the bonus scene more entertaining than most of the feature film. Never a good sign.  

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