Thursday, November 7, 2013

Card of the Day - 2005 Bowman Heritage : Scott Elbert Autograph

I think I am becoming the master of the $3 purchase of autographed cards on eBay. Yet another pick up at that price this past week on the bay in the form of Scott Elbert.

Being a reliever and on the 60 DL will drive any high cost on your cards down. Scott won't be playing ball with the big league Dodgers anytime soon but I hope he does make it back someday. Thought he was becoming an important part of the bullpen prior to getting injured. This card books at $8 which even during his good days seems to be a lot for him but at the $3 that I paid for the card I am more than happy to add him to my collection once more. I wanted this card as it is an on card variety instead of the sticker autographs that have become more commonplace in recent years. A minor addition to my collection but a nice one at that.

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