Thursday, November 21, 2013

Movie Review : Bad Grandpa

This is less of a movie and more of just pranks and gags done to normal folks by Grandpa ( Johnny Knoxville ) and his grandson Billy ( Jackson Nicoll ). Fans of the Jackass show and films know exactly what they are going to see when buying a ticket to this film. And as such I knew what I was about to watch.
The plot if you can call it that has Grandpa thankfully losing his wife but before he can bury her their daughter comes to the funeral and leaves Billy to his care as she is being locked up. Grandpa is none to happy to have this happen as he was on a mission to chase tail as he was finally "free" from his wife. He figures he can dump Billy on his son in law who has not seen his kid in years but will take him thinking he can make money off of him. The road trip ensues going from Nebraska to North Carolina.
As the duo make their way to North Carolina they stop of in various places and end up pranking people while bonding. Most of the pranks and gags are dead on funny and have a lot of crass language. While there are few duds in the bunch the highlights for me were a dinner scene when they stop to get a bite to eat and a beauty pageant crashing which was highly advertised in the promos.
VERDICT : Since this is really not a "movie" in the traditional sense this review is not normal as well. Plain and simple, if you like vulgar language, endless insults, visual bodily functions or just a fan of the Jackass series you will no doubt love this film as I think it was probably the best of the bunch and that is in big part to the addition of young Billy and having a kid involved made it funnier. If you are not fun of any or all of this you will be repulsed by what you see and wonder what made you walk into the theater. With that said I am in the former group and not latter and loved this film. A great get away from day to day life for 90 minutes. A THUMBS UP from me.

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