Sunday, December 1, 2013

Card of the Day - 2007 Upper Deck Exquisite : Luis Gonzalez Autograph ( 24 / 50 )

Gonzo only played for the Dodgers one year ( 2007 ) and in the beginning he was productive but towards the end his defense was getting worse and worse so more and more Matt Kemp came in to replace him. Obviously Gonzo was not too happy about that. He and Jeff Kent had major issues with the young guys that were coming up through the ranks of the Dodgers and they voiced them publicly and in the end Luis decided that one year was enough with the blue and he moved on.

Even with the brief career with the Dodgers I still wanted to acquire an autograph but with him only on the team in 2007 options were limited on getting him depicted in Dodger blue. Found this card on eBay a couple times and I kept losing out on it but I finally was able to lock in this particular one at a nice low amount of $4.57 delivered. Nothing overly special about the card but a welcome addition to my collection. Thank you Luis for just the one year on our team. Without you we would have never known the greatness of one Matt Kemp. As you can tell I didn't really like the guy.

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