Tuesday, October 6, 2015

8 Cards Submitted to Beckett For Raw Grade Review at South Bay Sportscards on October 3rd, 2015

Well here I go again.

Last time Beckett was in my neighborhood I submitted 2 cards looking to get a bump in the grades from a mint 9 to gem mint 9.5. I never discussed my results as I struck out on both of them. Those two though I cracked out of their BGS cases and submitted them like it was the 1st time I ever sent them in. They both came back with the same grade they had in the case. I was not happy with that so I sold them both and ended up acquiring some other cards I wanted. One is actually in the next batch which is in tomorrow's post. That post is a full submission recap without a raw review prior to them going to Beckett. This post is only about the reviews.

This time I am going to submit them while still in the case. I have heard stories and theories from both sides of the tape on which was is better. Since I struck out the other way I decided to do it this way this time. Let's see if the results are any different. Since they are all graded I can't really say which ones I expected will be gem mints and which will remain mints so I will post them in the order of more importance (at least to me) on them acquiring a gem mint grade. Obviously I would like all of them to receive the bump but I am realistic that will not happen. So here they are with results in a day or two.

2014 Bowman Chrome Julio Urias Green Wave

I just showcased this card last week in a post and already I am trying to get it to higher grade. While I would love all my Urias cards in the rainbow project to have gold banners I was always content in plain ole mints for them. With that said I would love a bump here. I need either surface or edges to earn an extra .5. When it comes to the 4 sub grades I think and have heard that those 2 are the "easiest" to get a bump. We shall see.

2014 Topps Tribute Clayton Kershaw 

Another card that was just showcased last week. I scored this on a major bargain and I am always "content" for the most part on non ultra limited Kershaw autographs receiving a 9 grade but it never hurts a card's value if you can get that gold banner. This one needs either surface or centering to get an extra .5. I've always wondered how centering can change from a 9 to a 9.5 but I guess it all comes down to the inspector's perception. Hopefully this swings my way.

2010 Allen Ginter Andrew McCutchen

The only card in the batch that only 1 sub grade can help get the bump. There are already 3 9.5's that this Andrew card earned with corners being the only "bad" grade with an 8.5. Corners is another subjective view when it comes to grading. I have looked under a loop and can't see why this card earned an 8.5 so I am hoping that another pair of eyes agrees with me and gives it a bump to a 9.

2014 Stadium Club Clayton Kershaw

Another Kerhsaw another autograph another card that just needs a .5 to make this a great gold banner card. This one needs edges or corners to get that bump and though I can see the corners earning the 9 the edges look good to me so lets see if I can get another 9.5 Kershaw for the collection here.

2013 Bowman Inception Corey Seager

Alright. Now we get to the 4 cards that if they earn a bump in grade they also will earn a nice bump in resale price if I chose to sell them down the road. This gold Seager also was just showcased last week and with it being an Inception card I am really crossing my fingers here as they have a notorious past in quality issues. I need edges or the corners to earn a bump and knowing how Inceptions can grade out I am pinning my hopes on the edges as the corners are always a problem. Nice little investment piece here on a bargain "purchase"

2012 Bowman Sterling Corey Seager

The only card that is already graded as gem mint in the this 8 card batch. So why am I submitting it again for a review? That annoying 9 you see that the autograph earned. This is a limited refractor of Corey and would receive a nice $$$ bump if I can get that grade switched to a 10. It earned a 9 due to the fact that the original grader thinks it streaks. Does it? Yes, it does, but just a tad. With that said I have seen a lot worse and they have earned 10's so I am hoping I can get a sympathetic eye this go around to get my 10 grade.

2013 Bowman Chrome Corey Seager

Unlike Urias I strive to get gem mint returns on my Seager rainbow project and this orange beauty is one of the few that do not already have a gold banner. I picked up this graded card on the cheap back in May when Seager's cards were still in a holding pattern. That's not the case anymore and if I can get a bump on this card it would add a nice $$$ total to the it's value. Centering and corners are the 9's on this card and with the naked eye you can see centering is not going to get the bump so I have to hold out hope on corners. There is no fraying so I have to cross my fingers that the grader thinks it deserves the bump.

2009 Topps Heritage Clayton Kershaw

... and we arrive to the final card of this batch and surprise surprise Mr. Clayton Kershaw makes yet another appearance. Tomorrow's full submission post has him all over the place there too so lots of Claytons that I want to earn a gold banner. I picked this up during this past off season when demand was lower and was even surprised myself on how cheap I got it for. Centering and corners are the grades that can go up and while corners are still subjective I think if there is going to be any bump it will be on centering as it looks pretty spot on to me. Here's hoping I can add another gem mint Kershaw autograph to the collection.

And with that we are done with the 1st batch that I submitted to BGS this past Saturday. I will post the results in the next day or so. God forbid but if each one comes back with the same grade they are still great pieces in my collection. Here's hoping that I can get at least a few if not half to earn a bump.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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