Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Card of the Day - 2015 Allen and Ginter : Joc Pederson Base Mini Parallel No Number Variant (#/50)

I didn't expect to pick up another no number variant as quickly as I did and especially not of rookie of the year candidate Joc Pederson at a bargain price or what I think is a bargain.

Still acquiring these 2015 Ginters with no guide (at the time of write up) to go by I ended up winning this bad boy on a traditional auction for less than I what I expected and what I paid for the Greinke. When book does come out on these I can almost guarantee that Joc's price will be higher than Zack's.

I like the fact that these are limited to just 50 as stated by Topps but I would have liked to see that designated print run on the back but I think that is part of the charm with this brand and I am okay with that.

One of Fifty

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