Monday, October 19, 2015

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Archives : Clayton Kershaw Mini Tall Boys Autograph (2/25) BGS Graded PRISTINE 10 and eBay Bucks Quarterly Purchase

Sadly this post is being written up a day after the Dodgers were eliminated from this year's playoffs and would have been perfect for my #kershawday card post for yesterday as he would have pitched game 2 in the NLCS but it wasn't meant to be. Instead it will just start off a new week with a bang.

The past 3 months went by like a blur which meant another quarter of eBay bucks had been earned by me. Thank yous go out again to my friends and family that have me buy them their stuff on the bay so I can earn even more bucks for me to use every 3 months. The last quarter saw me acquire 2 cards with one being another Clayton Kershaw graded autograph so this time around I wasn't really looking to add yet another Kid K John Hancock to the collection but as the quarter was ending (late September) I wasn't seeing anything I really wanted that was non Trout or Kershaw so I circled back around to my favorite pitcher to see if there was something really unique that would perk my interest. After a couple of days of searching I found this bad boy on a BIN auction with best offer :

A perfect 10. Pristine baby!

A pristine graded Kershaw autograph which also happens to be limited to just 25 copies. With all my graded Kershaw cards, autograph or not, I had yet to acquire a pristine 10 for my collection whether it was one I submitted to BGS myself or one like this that was already graded. Now with this card being my focus for the bucks I wanted to see how low I could get it for. With that I sent over what became multiple offers and when I exhausted that route the seller and I communicated in emails. Back and forth it went for almost a week until we finally agreed on a price to both our liking. With the agreed amount settled between us we also agreed that I would send payment payment once the bucks became available.

Finally 3 weeks after I first discovered this card I had it in hands and even though it doesn't sparkle or it being a 1 of 1 it is a beautiful "mini" of the best pitcher in baseball. Nothing out of pocket and I finally have my first pristine Kershaw card in my collection. Maybe I will acquire another in the future or maybe I won't and even if the latter is the case this is a fine one to be the only 10 in my collection. Another quarter done and the next one is already being worked on and with it being the Christmas quarter that means I will have some gift cards to add to the eBay bucks total. Can't wait to see what I "win" in January.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. Holy crap that's gorgeous! Congrats!

    1. TY Sir...
      Thankfully I have friends and family I shop for on eBay.
      Dont miss out on eBucks my friend