Friday, October 30, 2015

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Five Start : Robinson Cano Base Autograph (38/50) BGS Graded Gem Mint 9.5

I know I know... I stated a couple of months ago in a previous post that I only needed one Cano autograph in my collection and since I associate him with the Yankees the card had to have him in pinstripes and that's exactly what I accomplished when I acquired his Allen Ginter mini frame autograph. I was finished with Cano or so I thought.

When it comes to non rookies the Five Star brand is my favorite go to place for autographs and I am constantly looking on eBay to see what can be had at a decent price. One day this beauty came up for sale. Though I already had a Cano autograph I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to pick this up if I could get it for a steal. Yes, I know it shows him in a Mariners uniform but look at those chops! Seriously though, this being numbered and a Five Star card trumped the Yankee need and it being already certified as gem mint my decision to pursue it. I had already ear marked the Ginter to be submitted to BGS for grading so if I could acquire this then I would save on the cost of grading and eliminate the possibility of it coming back as a non 9.5.

This card actually has a higher book value than the Ginter so I gave myself a little more wiggle room on cost. I also knew if I would win this one I would be selling the Ginter to offset some of the cost. As expected there was a fair amount of action on this card and even though I had the high bid with a little more than a minute left there were 3 different "snipe" bids with seconds left but thankfully my bid held and I won the card. Woo Hoo.

With that transaction completed I put the Ginter up for sale and with those funds and some comic codes funds added in the out of pocket cost of this baby was less than a lunch. Not too shabby. Now seriously, I am done hunting for Cano autographs.

Solid gem

38 of 50

The all important 10 grade on the autograph

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