Sunday, October 25, 2015

Card of the Day - 2015 Allen and Ginter : Zack Greinke Base Mini Parallel Flag Back Variant (6/25)

Nothing like a low ball offer on eBay being accepted within minutes of submission with no counter and no hassle. Add yet another smooth and easy transaction to my eBay purchase history.

Putting my head down and trying to get through what seems to be an endless want list from this year's A/G set I came up with this numbered beauty of Mr. Greinke. With only 25 in existence there would only be so many chances I could pick this up. Book has it valued from $6-15 and the seller had an asking price of $14 with no shipping charge. Well since he put option of best offer I sent over a nice low amount at just a tad over low book. To my surprise he accepted with no counter. I'll take that thank you very much.

Week later the card was in my hands and I promptly put into my every growing Greinke portion of my collection. A minor but important pickup.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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