Friday, October 9, 2015

Card of the Day - 2012 Topps Heritage : Clayton Kershaw Real One Autograph Red Ink Variant (2/63)

Another day another limited Kershaw autograph for the collection and this time I got my hands on a red ink John Hancock for the fist time.

I have always loved these 2012 Heritage cards but I haven't been able to get one at a reasonable price whether it was the base or these red ink variants. With only a 63 print run they only come up for sale so often and usually go for a high price. That was not the case per se for this one. The card books for a low of $100 and a high of $200 and the seller who I have dealt with in the past posted this on a BIN auction with a best offer option and as soon as I saw it I sent over an offer. Woke up the next morning with a decline email in my inbox as the seller changed the auction to a BIN with no best offer option. Oh well.

I kept the card on my watch list and two days later he dropped the price to my original offer which was way below book and I promptly hit the BIN button and had the card in hand within a few days. The card appears to be in at least mint condition and I will put that to the test shortly when BGS comes back into town for a grading event. If doesn't grade out to at least a 9 this bad boy will see itself back on eBay which I am sure will sell for what I purchased it for it not a little more.

2 of 63

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  1. That is a beauty, and you are right about them commanding big money.

    1. TY. Hopefully after this month it will command more due to his dominate performance in the World Series
      = )