Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Five Star : Gerrit Cole Base Autograph (136/353)

Gerrit has been on my look out list for a couple years now and with 353 copies of this card I have tried multiple times to acquire it on the cheap but prior to now I have always come up short. With the season that he is having I decided it was time to raise my price ceiling a tad before the cost really starts not to feel like a bargain.

The card books for a high of $40 but I was trying to pick it up in the high teens for almost 2 years now but no such luck. I didn't care what product line his autograph would be on but it had to be an on card variety and each time I came back to this Five Star card. Even with the big print run there never seems to be more than a couple on the bay at any given time and more recently they were on BIN auctions so when this one came up on a reasonable traditional auction with a small enough starting price I put it on my watch list and hoped to finally pick up a Cole autograph.

Two bids is all it took and I finally picked up this card after years of trying. I had no intention of getting this graded as the $40 book value is a little on the low side when I consider getting cards slabbed but this came in what appears to be gem mint condition I might do at least a raw card review. We shall see.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. You are right about that card. For the amount is costs to acquire and the larger print run you think it would be east to obtain......not really the case.

    1. Probably harder after tonight if they beat the cubbies which I think they will. Im actually more "afraid" of your team than the Cardinals this year but I sort of want the redbirds so we can slay our playoff "demons". Great luck to you guys tonight though