Thursday, October 15, 2015

Card of the Day - 2015 Topps : Los Angeles Dodgers Team Base Card Framed Parallel (13/20)

A major score with this card's acquisition gets me a couple steps closer to completing my 2015 Topps series 2 wish list.

These framed, limited parallels are beautiful and hard to come by. The print run is just 20 so there are only so many chances to pick one up. I lost out on a couple of auction as they went for a little north of $40. Now this was before book values came out on them and I assumed this card would be somewhere in the $25-30 ballpark. I was wrong as it clocked in at a meager $20. Thankfully I didn't win one of those other copies as I would have felt like an ass.

Few days later this one popped up on eBay with a 99 cent starting bid and I was determined to win it. Only a few bids prior to mine at the last minute which won it for me. Total? $6.50. Now that is a good deal. A few more showed up after I won my copy and one sold for a little more than $12 and another for over $40. Right price at the right time for me.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. I love the team cards. I've picked up several of the Pirate parallels. Nice find, they are hard to secure.

    1. TY.
      With only 20 you are 100% correct they are hard to secure.
      Thankfully the team ones usually can be had for cheaper.
      The stars, Kershaw, McCutchen, etc are the real pains

    2. I don't mess too much with Cutch stuff anymore. The auctions prices are just outrageous. The only luck I've really had the last few years is best offer prices right when the item hits eBay.

    3. eBay stalking at its best. I know the feeling and I do the same thing.