Friday, December 6, 2013

Card of the Day - 2011 Finest : Dee Gordon X-Fractor Autograph ( 282 / 299 )

So close and almost there. My rainbow collection of Dee Gordon is just two away now after the acquisition of this card.

Recap, rainbow is base, refractor, xfractor, orange, gold, green, die cut, red and purple. Red, purple and die cut are so limited they rarely come up for bid on eBay so with those I will just keep an eye out but never really expect to acquire them. I did win the die cut for Dee but fellow rookie Jerry Sands from the same set has been harder to complete said rainbow. None of the harder ones have made it to me just yet.

I never expected the X-Fractor to be so hard to obtain but it has been highly elusive for me. The die cut was easier. Saw it once on eBay and won it. The X-Fractor version though has slipped through my hands at least 7 times due to me not going above my cap. This card showed up on eBay and here was my chance once again and in the end I finally was the high bidder on the card. Only cost me $5 delivered to me. I now own all the "easy" variants with the last two left but not holding my breath on them. Welcome once again Dee to my collection.

Sparkly yet still not a fan of the squares.

282 of 299.

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