Monday, December 9, 2013

Card(s) of the Day - 2013 Topps Chrome : Matt Kemp Base Purple Refrator, Die-Cut Connections Insert and Dynamic Skill Insert

Time to start acquiring some chrome. Topps and Bowman Chrome both came out during the last week of September so I am on the look out for deals on any and all Dodger cards from both sets. I was able to complete two different transactions in the matter of minutes on eBay for the same price of just $3 delivered. The first transaction was a Matt Kemp specialty.

As it always seems with new releases I end up getting inserts or variants first prior to the base cards and these are no exceptions. Once again Matt was/is hurt and his cards can been found on the cheap right now. Seller had these 3 cards in one auction for just $2 with a $1 shipping on a standard auction. Even though it is a new set there was not a single bid on it until I put mine in during the final hour and won it for $3. I have always love the chrome look and this is a great start for my 2013 Topps Chrome set.

Cards of Kemp during happier times.


  1. I may have dupes of every dodger. I'll check today and hopefully I can send them your way.

  2. After checking, I don't have dupes of every player. I'd be able to send you A-Gon and Crawford from Topps Chrome and Hanley from Bowman though. I really thought I had more. I am now on a mission to look for misplaced cards.

    1. Always looking. TY.
      Any chance you have 2008 SP KEMP By The Letter?