Saturday, December 7, 2013

State of the Dodgers : Dodger Social Rewards

The first to 275K
Then the first to cross 300K
Soon enough the total passed 400K
And with today I became the first person to pass 450K on the Dodgers Social Rewards program.

I have put my well earned tokens into every promotion that the Dodgers have had. From a Sandy Koufax signed baseball to the most current ones which included bobble heads and a tour around Dodger Stadium. I have yet to win a single thing. 

This is like having the worst record in the NBA which entitles you to the most ping pong balls in the lottery which means you have the best chance of getting the top prize as you have more entries in the lottery and then the team with the worst odds comes in and takes it away from you. Ha Ha. I have talked to quite a few of the "winners" in the social rewards program and they have said they might have put one or two entries in and they win. I have always put the max of 10 and have yet to strike gold.

You might think this is bitch and moan fest but it's not. I just felt like writing out how even with the best odds in life you still need luck on your side at times to acquire something. I am happy that I have been able to hold onto first for such a long time and even though in the end that means very little I still like seeing my name up on top of the leader board each and everyday. I will continue to partake in this program till the day the Dodgers stop it. Every dog has its day and I know someday I will win something. Even if it might be a used rally towel from 2008.

= )

Go Blue !!!

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