Saturday, December 7, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Allen and Ginter : Zack Greinke Framed Mini Relic

Sometimes a little bad luck with a dash of patience can be good in the end. Nothing major but this card falls into that category.

A few weeks after the release of this set I saw that this card was included in the relic insert set. Wanting a Zack card that had him in Dodger blue was the goal here and I set about to get this card. The first auction that I saw I ended up winning for a couple cents over $7. Paid the seller and waited for my card. And waited and waited. Over a month past and I inquired again with the seller about the status of the card as the USPS tracking number he provided did not pull up on the website. A little hee hawing between us and I decided to open a case to recoup my money as I didn't hear back from the seller. One day later and I was refunded my $7.

Even with the $7 recovered I still wanted the card so I went back onto the bay to see if I could find another copy. Found a different seller that had it for a little over $4 on a buy it now auction but with a best offer option. Said what the hell and sent him an offer of $3. Kind of low balling I thought but had to try. Thankfully I did as he accepted the offer and within 3 days I had the card I had waited for over 2 months to get my hands on as it arrived at my house.

Patience and bad luck saved me $4.

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