Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Tier One : Bill Buckner Crowd Pleaser Insert Autograph ( 107 / 299 )

When most people think of Bill Buckner they remember the infamous play that he was a part of back in the 1986 World Series that is still talked about to this day. For the most part he has moved on from this and with Boston winning a few of World Series since then the hatred has mellowed there too. But most people forget that Bill was a Dodger long before that play. I have been looking to acquire his autograph for some time and finally have done so.

I am still on the lookout for a signed baseball of Bill but until I can find one of good quality and at a reasonable price I turned my attention to an on card for my autograph fix. Problem was that I never could find him depicted in Dodger blue. That is until this set came out. This is my first Tier One card that I have acquired and what a way to start. The autograph is on card and not the sticker variety. A plus in my eyes. With the card being numbered out of 299 that put a bulls eye on it for collectors. I lost numerous auctions as I was not willing to pay over $10 for it as every single auction I was involved in ended at. After a few weeks of futility I finally was able to lock this particular one down for less than $7. Card came in a week later and looks better in person than on the computer screen. Just love these old timey pictures of Dodgers. Couldn't be happier.

Simple but classic design. 107 of 299

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