Thursday, December 26, 2013

Card(s) of the Day - 2013 Topps Chrome : Hyun-Jin Ryu X-Fractor, 1972 Style Refractor Insert and Base Black Refractor ( 83 / 100 )

It's Ryu time.

Topps Chrome ( along with most sets ) have a variety of parallels for each card within the set and I was on the look out for some for my collection and came across a seller that had 3 cards that I needed. The card that caught my eye at first was the black refractor and with only 100 made that makes it limited and harder to acquire. Going through his "store" on eBay I also found 2 more Ryu cards in the form of the 1972 insert card and a X-Fractor parallel. I wanted the black one the most but if I could also get the other two at a reasonable price then that would help with the combined shipping.

The black card was the first auction that was to end and I locked in on it and won it for a little over $4. Nice way to start. The Xfractor was up next and surprisingly it went higher than the black refractor but I still won it for close to $5. Last up was the 1972 card and for that I only spent 93 cents. Grand total was a couple cents over $10. Another great deal I believe.

3 Ryu, 1 low price

83 of 100 black refractors

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