Monday, December 16, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman Chrome : Onelki Garcia Base Autograph

The first Bowman Chrome card from this year's release has arrived and it is an on card autograph of one of the newest Dodgers, Onelki Garcia.

I didn't know much of Onelki's back history prior to this year and totally forgot about him until he received a late season call up to shore up the bullpen. I went to look for his cards and found out that he had an autographed rookie card in this year's Bowman Chrome set. Autographs and chrome are a great combination. So off to eBay to get my hands on a copy for my collection.

Since the set was just released the prices were probably a little inflated considering the newness of the cards. I missed out on a few auctions but finally settled in on this one and was the winner at the end for a few pennies over $6. All things considered that was probably a couple dollars overpay for Onelki but I don't regret the purchase and am happy that I have now added him to my collection.

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