Sunday, December 15, 2013

2013 Season Ticket Holder Christmas Gift From the Dodgers

Ah, it's that time for the year once again. There are two times a year when as a season ticket holder you get a package from the Dodgers and it has a label like this on the box.

Well since it's not March with baseball season just two weeks away it must be the yearly Christmas gift that the Dodgers send out. I have heard from many of fans that back in the day even including the McCourt years that the gifts were better. I have actually seen a few and I tend to agree. Last year's was a thermos which I had no use for and sold on eBay for $18. So I wondered what was in store this year and what was in this box?

Well it isn't just one item but two or to be more specific a matching pair.

Took the pair out of the box and noticed that weren't half bad. They have some weight to them so they aren't overly cheap like ones that you can buy in a dollar store. The Dodgers logo is displayed boldly on each glass. In the end I think the Dodgers want us fans to drink to either party together or drown our sorrows away from past disappointments. I kid of course. Nonetheless, I am proud to be a STH and thank the Dodgers for giving these to the fans. 

Now next year's gift I want something to show off the 2014 World Series Flag we would have won a couple months prior to December.
= )

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