Monday, December 2, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Jon Garland ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

Not knowing if Jon has played his final game or not but either way he has had an average career up to this point. His win/loss record is just better than .500 with his ERA at over 4.00. One thing he does have to his resume that most Dodgers do not is a World Series Ring. While with the White Sox he helped the team to the 2005 crown. Once he left the White Sox in 2007 he hopped around the league between 5 different teams including the Dodgers twice. And that is why I wanted to acquire a signed ball by Jon as he did wear the blue at one point and that is all I need to want to acquire an autograph.

He was first acquired by the Dodgers in one of the funniest trades I have ever seen as he was playing for the Diamondbacks and was traded to the Dodgers. What made it funny was that the Diamondbacks were in town facing the Dodgers and you could see Jon in the dugout of Arizona being told he was traded to the Dodgers and he walked over to their locker room during the game. Classic TV moment.

Not too many authenticated signatures of Jon were to be had on eBay and the few that were way over priced or the balls were toned or had some other flaw. One day I found this one at a buy it now price of just $22 which included MLB certification. For some reason I didn't just jump on it at that precise moment. A day passed and it was still there for the taking. Decided why the hell not and purchased the ball. Within a week this nice looking signed ball by Jon arrived at my doorstep. He didn't do much for the boys in blue but I wanted and did get the chance to purchase his autograph and happy that I did.

Nice, clean blue autograph

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