Saturday, December 28, 2013

Card(s) of the Day - 2013 Bowman Platinum : Matt Kemp Base, Clayton Kershaw Base and Gold Parallel, Adrian Gonzalez Base and Gold Parallel, Carl Crawford Base and Gold Parallel

As more and more sets come out during the year I have grown less fond of this set. Problem is that since I started it I want to finish at least the base set and possibly some of the variants. I am a completest and don't want to just abandon the pursuit of finishing the set even though my interest in has waned since I first started collecting it. One lesson learned though is not to try to collect every new set and stick to the ones I originally planned to collect only. Will apply that lesson to 2014 releases. This will probably my one and only time ever collecting Bowman Platinum.

With that said I went looking for bargains and found all of these on a buy it now auction from a single seller. He had them all up for a dollar a pop. Scooped them up and with that put a big dent in my needs to complete the set.

Cards look better in picture than in the hand. Go figure.

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