Friday, December 27, 2013

Card(s) of the Day - 2013 Bowman Platinum : Yasiel Puig Base, Top Prospects Insert, Die Cut Cutting Edges Insert and 2013 Topps Chrome : Zack Greinke Base Black Refractor ( 94 / 100 )

I usually only buy from dealers with a detailed selling history on the bay but once in awhile I take one for the team and take a chance on a new seller and see if I get what is advertised. With this transaction I got that and more.

With all the new sets out I went back to fill some holes from earlier in the year issues and zeroed in on Bowman Platinum. When these Puig cards first came out they were all going for over $20 and I knew if I was patient I could get them later on down the road. The seller had only two cards pictured ( die cut and top prospects ) so I'm sure some people just passed on by thinking only two cards were offered when in fact there were three. Seller had the cards up for less than the cost of a blaster pack ( hat tip to Greg for his definition of cost ) with no action on the auction as the last day approached. With that said I won it with me being the only one to bid.

Usually that is end of story but the buyer emailed me after the auction and said since I was his first sale ever he wanted to give me a bonus and he asked if I collected Dodgers only. Said yes, and he said he would throw in Zack Greinke's black refractor of the then just released Topps Chrome set. Now that is a nice bonus as somewhere down the road I was going to hunt it down and now I didn't have to and probably saved at least 4-5 dollars. With the all the cards with a combined over $30 book value I know I received a great deal here.

Non advertised Puig base card and Prospects Insert

Die Cut Puig and bonus card of Zack Greinke. Black refractor style

94 of only 100

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