Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Philip Humber ( ROMLB Sweet Spot w/ Perfect Game Inscription )

A 30 year old journeyman with only 16 wins to his name accompanied by a plus 5 ERA has found a home in my collection. Is he a current or past Dodger? No. Relative? Nope. Why you ask did I seek to acquire an autograph of this below average pitcher? Because in 2012 he became one of only a handful of pitchers in baseball history to toss a perfect game.

This feat has only been accomplished 23 times in baseball history. A rare occurrence indeed. I already have Sandy Koufax in my collection which was acquired back in the day and then I met Don Larsen in Vegas a couple years ago and picked up Roy Halladay earlier this year. Then a couple months ago I met Dennis Martinez at Harry's Dugout in Whitter seen HERE . I realized at that point I had acquired 4 of the perfect game pitchers and it would an interesting little project to pursue. I know full well that I can never get every pitcher's autograph as a few of them did their feat back in the early 1900's and it would be virtually impossible to acquire a signed ball by them. So I will just pick up any of the other ones I might run across at any given time and that is where Philip comes into play.

One thing that I want on the balls is the inscription of the perfect game which makes the prospect of acquiring the autographs a little more pricier and little more scarcer. I saw this Humber ball on the bay and from past auctions I knew it wouldn't be a one or two bid type of auction. In the last hour of the auction the ball jumped up in price from $5 to $20 with a couple of bids and in the end the winning bid got the ball at $27. Thankfully that was my bid. Also thankfully I have sold a lot of bobble heads and other balls to cover these eBay purchases at zero or minimal cost out of pocket. So with this acquisition I now have 5 autographed balls by pitchers that have thrown a perfect game. A nice little side collection adds a member.

Perfect ball with perfect inscription

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