Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Card of the Day - 2011-12 Elite : Simon Gagne Autograph

Finally got another hit on my Stanley Cup Champion Kings collection

Slowly but surely I intend to complete this set and had this card on my watch list for close to two months. The card originated from Canada and the seller had it on a buy it now auction for $20 with a best offer option. I was hoping he would discount it during its time on my watch list as even though I couldn't find another Gagne card I didn't want to pay that much. The seller never did lower the price and one day I said screw it and sent in what I believed to be a low ball offer of a little under $10 expecting him/her to counter or reject. Two days passed and I assumed the offer would just expire on its own but then I received an email that stated the seller accepted. Not what I expected to happen but very happy that it did. Took a couple weeks to arrive due to it coming from up north but well worth the wait. Another notch on my collection "belt". Though no longer on the team thank you for being there in 2011/12 Simon

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