Friday, December 6, 2013

State of the Dodgers : Relief Pitching and Pitching in General

With the recent resigning of Brian Wilson to the team it looks like, on paper at least, that the Dodgers are lined up to make a deep run into the playoffs with the World Series being even more realistic now more than ever.

Brian coming back shortens up the game and with our starting pitching what it is all we need the starters to do is average 6ish innings and let the bullpen take over from there. Kershaw, Grienke, Ryu should average that over the year and I suspect Haren should be in the ballpark with that number. Only question is who the 5th starter will be. If it happens to be David Price from the Rays or Tanaka from Japan then that will only strengthen all aspects of the pitching staff. If the hole is filled by Beckett or Billingsley then that would by the only worry point at this moment.

The one last main piece that the Dodgers need to look at is locking up J.P. Howell but that might be easier said than done as he is looking for a 3 yr deal and I would advocate only a 2 yr deal. But if you were to add him back to the team your bullpen could/would like this:

Brandon League
Chris Withrow
J.P. Howell
Scott Elbert
Paco Rodriguez
Brian Wilson
Kenley Jansen

That is one hell of a bullpen to get through if they all play to their talent levels. Brandon being the only weak link of the bunch. On top of that you would have Jose Dominguez and Onelki Garcia waiting in the wings in case someone falters or gets injured.

Just thinking any of the starting pitchers going 6 innings then go with match ups for the 7th inning and then bringing in Brian and Kenley to close it out sounds like music to my and Dodger fans ears. Granted they can't be overworked and somedays a particular pitcher won't be available but on paper this looks like a dominant staff just waiting for the season to start.

Just my two cents . . .

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