Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Contest # 1 - 2013 Bowman Bryon Buxton Hometown Variant . . . Plus rules and such

Well I think it is time to finally take the plunge and get into the contest game that so many bloggers have started to do. Fellow blogger Alex of chavezravining fame has been running his for while now with known proven cheater Greg of plaschkethysweaterisargyle winning multiple times ( i kid of course . . . ).

As I have joined the baseball card hobby once again this year I have been wanting to expand my presence in the trading world but other than 2 trades I haven't been able to get any traction out of it. So to hopefully help my name get out there for future trades to win the contests you must RETWEET the contest and JOIN the blog. I don't care if you never comment on the blog but I would just like my numbers upped a little there. Also to help out the winner's cause I will RT and Facebook the results to get their name out as well. One big happy world.
= )

I probably won't be doing many Dodger card contests as I want those in my collection so these are my spares but I am open to trading Dodger cards to acquire other Dodger cards hence the contests to get my name out there. With that here are the "rules" which obviously can and probably will change when I see that something might not be working or can be adjusted to work better.

I will not be using a randomizer as I want everyone to use their brain a little. All contests will be question based but I always hated when I guessed wrong and lost out so each contest will have 4 separate questions which will be assigned a point value to each one so even if you miss the first and/or second question you still have a chance.

Question one will be worth 1 Point
Question two will be worth 2 Points
Question three will be worth 3 Points
Question four will be worth 4 Points

As you can see you could win by just getting question 4 right and none of the others or you can get the first 2 right and still not win. There will be no time limit on answering of the questions. Once someone correctly answers it then I will post another question. If there is ever a tie there will be a bonus "easy" question that is baseball related. At times I will give clues if it seems to be dragging too long. Questions will vary on subject from baseball, pop culture, comics, movies etc. So it helps if you are an overall geek.

If there are any questions feel free to contact me and I can help out. So with that I present the 2013 Hometown Variant of Twins Prospect Byron Buxton. Current book value is $10. Sometimes it will be one card sometimes multiples and sometimes I may add to the contest prior to its ending but to start this off it will only be one.

QUESTION ONE : What does Matt Kemp, Steve Carlton and Batman have in common?