Monday, December 23, 2013

Contest # 3 : Trout, Golden Trout and the Tiger Who Would End Up Being Named MVP

It's contest once more. Wasn't planning on doing another one till the new year but what the hell. Up for grabs are 1 2013 Bowman Base Trout and it's golden parallel twin and then one gold parallel of Miguel Cabrera. I'm going through my extras so there probably be a couple more cards added. No promises though.

Once again, the same rules apply to win. Have to join the blog and you have to RT on twitter. Good luck to all. Considering its Christmas week a little adjustment as I will post only one question per day ( excluding Christmas day ) till there is a winner. No multiples during the day this time around. Here is the first question.

QUESTION # 1 : What TWO specific things do Drew Butera and Jamey Carroll share in common? A small clue is one is obvious while the other is not. Good Luck 


  1. Both have played for the Dodgers and the Twins.
    Both have appeared as relief pitchers.

    1. You are correct.
      One point for you towards the 4 needed to win.
      Dont forget to RT.
      Question two up tomorrow.

  2. I did. Twitter and Google handles aren't the same.

    1. Ah.... what is your twitter handle so I may sure I follow u