Sunday, December 15, 2013

Contest # 2 : One Seager, Two Seager Three

I am now presenting contest # 2 which will be the last one for the year as I need to get prepared for Christmas. An early Merry Christmas to everyone. As you can see from the above picture the prize this time will be (3) mini chrome Corey Seager cards from this year's Bowman set. Why three you ask? Why not!
= )
You can have one for your own collection and the other two you can either trade or use for your own contest. Up to you. Either way enjoy the booty.

Same point structure is in place and will always be in place for the contests but a little different take on the questions this time around. We are going to play a little "Where was DodgerPenguin?" when this picture was taken. I have traveled to multiple cities for baseball games and I also have gone to other countries for vacation. So it will be a place I have visited. If you have read the blog or have seen conversations on twitter you may or may not have a good idea where each picture was taken. With that said here is the first one. Good luck to all and everyone have a great day.

Ahh..... It's a big blue bear!!!


  1. Denver, CO at the convention center

    1. Correct....
      Join the contest next time
      = )
      Next one is next week, probably after Christmas