Friday, May 9, 2014

2014 Bowman Retail Box Break from Target

My 1st official box for this year. I have been in a few box breaks from auctions I won on eBay but this is the first box that I get to do myself and is not team specific.

The wife was heading out to Target last night and as always I ask for her to bring me home a box of cards for me to open. She doesn't want to contribute to my habit/addiction most times but she surprised me by bringing me back this 8 pack box of 2014 Bowman. Alright wife.

Well lets get to opening.

8 packs of goodies

Retail is a real hit and miss as you are not guaranteed an auto or "rare" card but sometimes you are lucky enough to acquire one. I was not this time around.

Even though I didn't get one of those I did get some sparkly cards and a numbered colored one.

I keep hearing about this Appel kid and this is now my first card of him but I can be talked of it as it is not a numbered version.

Well since I received my 1st Appel card why not have another. This one is part of the insert set titled Bowman is Back which showcases players in the 1989 Bowman form. Wasn't a fan of the original design but the sparkles do help here.

I know nothing about this kid from the Rockies organization but it is a mini and it is a refractor. David Dahl I do not know you but if someone wants this card they are more than welcome to it.

... and the big hit from the box is this green numbered card of Nick Castellanos of the Tigers. Why couldn't it have been a Dodger? This is my first green card ever. As with the Dahl card anyone that is interested in this card feel free to contact me for a trade. I am sure there is some extra Dodgers in your collection that you have no need for.

100 of 150

Well, that does it for the box. A decent if not spectacular one but it was great fun to tear open some packs. Thank you again to the wife. Love you and appreciate the loving gesture of feeding into my addiction.


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