Thursday, May 29, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman : Alex Guerrero Base Blue Refractor Parallel ( 167 / 250 )

This year I have decided to actually look at the back of the cards that I acquire to keep up on stats or see something that I happened to miss. With Alex in AAA I flipped this card over to check his birthday and saw that he will be 28 this year and if he doesn't make it up to the majors then he becomes a very "old" rookie in next year's spring training. He is raking in the minors but will that translate to the bigs? Dee is doing an above average job so far at second and with Hanley entrenched at shortstop there is just no place to play Alex.

Of course no matter what I still want cards of all things Dodger and this beauty had been a bit of a bear to acquire but of course that was because my ceiling cost was so low and every auction went over it. Finally a seller had this one on a BIN auction which was just a tad over my set limit but not too much for me to not buy it. Another blue refractor for the collection with a few more to go.

167 of 250

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