Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Attended Game Recap - Marlins 1 @ DODGERS 7 on May 13th, 2014

It's been awhile since the wife and I have been to Dodger Stadium and it was about time to head back. It was Yasiel Puig bobblehead night and I have been looking forward to the game for a couple of weeks. The Dodgers haven't had the best of luck on the bobble nights that we have attended in person but thankfully that was not the case last night.

Derrell Thomas and Mickey Hatcher were scheduled to sign for fans up till 7ish. Once again it took us a hour and half to reach the entrance of the stadium from our house in the South Bay area. Sigh. I expected both players to be long gone as it was now 7:05 but surprising Mickey was still at his table and we jumped in line hoping he would continue to sign. Mickey ended up signing for everyone and was a class act as always. I didn't have a photo of him so I asked him to sign my generic Dodger Stadium photo and he happened to be the first autograph on it. Kind of odd that he made his signature so small in the left field area. Don't know why but thank you for signing Mickey.

My normal jersey was dirty so I had to bust out my Kemp one for the game.

Mickey about to sign.

The finished product

Since everyone else was asking for a picture with the Mick I decided to just follow suit and ask for one myself. He was more than happy to do so. Thank you again for the photo and autograph.

Hatcher and I

Time to watch a ball game.

After buying some Italian food we headed up to our seats and saw 5 innings of shut out ball. Thankfully the game was moving at a brisk pace and considering Beckett was on the mound that is a shock. I was thinking the game would end up in the hands of the bullpen and we would suffer through another bobble night loss. Thankfully the 6th inning happened and the Dodgers put up 5 runs. They weren't done and ended up tacking on two more by the end of the game for the final score of 7-1 for the good guys.

It was nice to see the continued improvement of Matt Kemp as he had two more hits and continues to raise his batting average on a nightly basis. Puig hit a booming double to drive in a run but more impressively was the out he didn't get as he caught a sacrifice fly in deep right field and almost threw out the runner at home. He drew a well deserved round of applause. 

Even Hanley did this...

Picture taken a few seconds prior to his hit to drive in a couple of runs. I see you Hanley.

Right before we left the wife noticed something watching us from the right side. 

The Tommy bobble bobbling away in between the pavilion and the loge levels. Kind of creepy with his odd smile. Ha Ha.

A great time at the Stadium as we got to witness a Dodger win, picked up another autograph for the collection and had another great time together. Go Blue !!!

Puig in a box

Puig encased in plastic

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